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Forecasting Employment Demand: A Comparison of Employers Perceptions and Historical Data in Regional LGAs

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Vitartas, P. & Ford, L.
  • Journal Name: Journal of Economic and Social Policy
  • Journal Number: 12 (2)
  • ISBN:;dn=556243811994075;res=IELBUS

In managing local economies and developing plans for local government areas managers need to have an understanding of employment demand and business' plans for expansion. In this paper the results of a study are presented based on an investigation into small business owners' perceptions of employee demand and compared to previous employment levels and intentions to expand their premises or land. The findings suggest caution should be taken when interpreting business operators' reported intentions to increase employment and that intention to expand buildings and/or land may be an alternative measure of business and employee expansion plans. Implications for planning and policy are discussed.

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