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RDA Riverina Regional Plan 2013-2016

  • Year: 2013
  • Publisher: RDA Riverina
  • Published Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW

The RDA Riverina Regional Plan is a road map for the future development of the Riverina region. Through discussions and consultations with various stakeholders across the region and the review of existing planning documents a footprint for action has been developed.

The key emerging priorities and issues are:

  •  Infrastructure development- maintaining & building infrastructure to support industry development and the livability of the region. 
  • Improved, integrated and efficient transport mechanisms for the movement of freight and people including road, rail, air, bridges & intermodals. By pass options for heavy duty transport B-doubles/B-triples into the future. 
  •  Value adding potential particularly in regard to agriculture. 
  • Environmental sustainability-adjusting to a variable water supply and the need for a coordinated and collaborative management system for the river (Murrumbidgee) and implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. 
  •  Workforce development- ensuring a skilled & reliable workforce particularly for health (aged care) and agriculture.
  • Promotion of the region for investment & employment. 
  • Further development of the visitor economy particularly agri-tourism 
  •  Community well being – building the health, skills and leadership capacity of all people in the region. 
  • Equitable and accessible service delivery across the region. 
  • Recovering and rebuilding after natural disasters (flood and drought). 
  • NSW Local Government review and the potential impact on communities 
  • Access to finance (low interest loans or investors) for private and public entities (Local Government). 
  • Coordinated land use plans 
  • Support research and innovation activities

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