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Climate and Natural Resources

Managing the Environmental Effects of Agriculture under the Resource Management Act: Non-point Source Discharges

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Drummond, Lucie
  • Journal Name: New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law
  • Journal Number: 10
  • Country: New Zealand

The intensification of agriculture, in particular pastoral farming, has led the way in the demise of water quality in New Zealand. Much of this pollution is due to the non-point source discharge of nutrients into our waterways. This environmental damage has been noticed for over 50 years, yet the cause of the problem has remained u ....

Mechanisms for improved integration of biodiversity conservation in regional NRM planning within Australia: literature review

  • Year: 2003
  • Author: Lowe K; Fitzsimons J; Straker A; Gleeson T
  • Publisher: Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation
  • Published Location: Canberra, ACT
  • Country: Australia

A literature review prepared as part of a project to identify how the Commonwealth might assist regions in integrating biodiversity conservation into catchment and regional planning aimed to identify a set of criteria for evaluating effective mechanisms. In particular, the review considered the effects of making catchment and sub-c ....

Mining law in New South Wales : a discussion paper

  • Year: 2011
  • Author: Environmental Defender’s Office (Ltd) NSW
  • Publisher: Environmental Defender’s Office (Ltd) NSW
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

This paper has been drafted to encourage discussion about the legal framework for mining in NSW, and to promote positive environmental outcomes. It identifies key inadequacies with the current system and makes recommendations for legislative change to make the current processes more sustainable, robust, equitable and transparent. The paper focuse ....

Missing the Connection: How SRLU policy fragments landscapes and communities in NSW

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Meg Sherval, Nicole Graham
  • Journal Name: Alternative Law Journal
  • Journal Number: Vol. 38, Issue 3
  • Publisher: Legal Service Bulletin Co-operative Ltd
  • Published Location: Clayton, Vic
  • ISBN: 1037-969X
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

 In late 2010, the Environmental Defenders Office (‘EDO’) released a report on the state of planning law in NSW. It suggested that detailed analysis ‘revealed a failure of the current system to balance social and environmental considerations against the Government’s desired economic and statistical outcomes' (1). In 2012, responding ....

Modelling agricultural land use allocation in regional Australia

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Oczkowski, Eddie; Bandara, Yapa
  • Journal Name: Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Journal Number: 57.3
  • Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  • Published Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • ISBN: 1364985X
  • Country: Australia

An analysis of the drivers of agricultural land use is important for policy makers as the issues of climate change and food security become increasingly prominent in the political landscape. This paper analyses the role of prices, total land holdings and climate on land use in Australia. The analysis relates to a unique comprehensive coverage of ....

Monitoring and evaluation trials, Victoria region, phase 1 report

  • Year: 2005
  • Author: National Land and Water Resources Audit (NLWRA), Canberra; Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne
  • Publisher: National Land and Water Resources Audit
  • Published Location: Canberra, ACT
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

An assessment of proposed National Land and Water Resources Audit (NLWRA) Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (MEWG) indicators for reporting on natural resource condition and trend considered their effectiveness in the context of Victorian Catchment Management Authority (CMA) regions. The review highlighted a number of broader ....

National agriculture and climate change action plan 2006-2009

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council
  • Publisher: Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • ISBN: 097571578X
  • Country: Australia

Climate change poses challenges for all sectors of the Australian economy but particularly for those sectors dependent on natural resources such as agriculture. The National Agriculture and Climate Change Action Plan 2006-2009 (the Action Plan) is an agreement by Australian governments to develop a coordinated framework for climate ....

Native vegetation management on broadacre farms in New South Wales: impacts on productivity and returns

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Davidson A; Lawson A; Kokic P; Elliston L; Nossal K; Beare S; Fisher BS
  • Publisher: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • ISBN: 192092552X
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

In the largest study undertaken to date, a survey was conducted of 386 broadacre farmers in a 400 000 square kilometre region of New South Wales to quantify the impact of native vegetation on farm productivity and returns. Analysis of data collected as part of the survey found that farms with lower vegetation density generally have ....

Natural resource exploitation and regional development: a view from the west

  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Tonts, Matthew; Plummer, Paul
  • Journal Name: Dialogue (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia)
  • Journal Number: Vol.31, No.1
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Western Australia

Australia's recent resources boom has promoted much popular discussion and debate about the economic, social and environmental consequences for those regions in which mining occurs. Perhaps nowhere are the outcomes of the resources boom more evident than in Western Australia, where the diversity and scale of projects is fundamentally reshaping ma ....

Natural Resource Revenue Sharing Schemes (Trust Funds) in International Law

  • Year: 2005
  • Author: Bantekas, Ilias
  • Journal Name: Netherlands International Law Review
  • Journal Number: Vol.52, No.1
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Published Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Country: Chad

Natural resources trust funds have been employed in the developed world since the 1970s in order to achieve a fair allocation of revenues and promote social growth. This model has been applied recently in developing economies, however lacking transparency and democratic oversight. As a result of increased public spending and depletion o ....

Natural resources and regional development: An assessment of dependency and comparative advantage paradigms

  • Year: 2003
  • Author: Gunton, Thomas
  • Journal Name: Economic Geography
  • Journal Number: Vol.79, No.1
  • Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  • Published Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Country: Canada
  • State/Region: British Columbia

The role of natural resources in regional development is the subject of a debate between dependency theorists, who argue that natural resources impede development, and comparative-advantage theorists, who argue that resources can expedite development. This debate is assessed by a case study analysis of the impact of resource development ....

Nature based enterprises to help rural poor

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Alice Kok
  • Publisher: FutureGov

Expanding nature-based enterprises can increase income for the worlds rural poor. This approach, as outlined in World Resources Report 2008, can also develop the rural poors resilience to social and environmental threats such as climate change. Report Location ....

Networked resilience in rural Australia - a role for health promotion in regional responses to climate change

  • Year: 2011
  • Author: van Beurden, Eric K; Kia, Annie M; Hughes, Denise; Fuller, Jeffery D; Dietrich, Uta; Howton, Kirsty; Kavooru, Suman
  • Journal Name: Health Promotion Journal of Australia: Official Journal of Australian Association of Health Promotion Professionals
  • Journal Number: Vol. 22, Special Issue
  • Country: Australia

Issues addressed: This paper provides a model for how health promotion teams might establish and support regional collaborations of organisations in a broad response to climate change that enables emergence of multiple strategies tailored to regional needs. Methods: Complex Adaptive Systems Theory (CAS) and Organisational Learning ....

New Rural Industries for Future Climates

  • Year: 2010
  • Author: B Cullen, P Thorburn, E Meier, M Howden, S. Barlow
  • Publisher: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • Published Location: Barton, ACT
  • ISBN: 1741519861
  • Country: Australia

This project explored the potential for new industries and enterprises to fill land-use opportunities in areas where current agricultural industries may be strongly challenged by future climates. The specific aims were to identify the regions and industries where climate change will alter the current mix of agricultural industries, determine the ....

New South Wales Biosecurity Strategy

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Biosecurity NSW
  • Publisher: Department of Primary Industries, NSW
  • ISBN: 978 1 74256 308
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

‘Biosecurity’ means protecting the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests, diseases and weeds. Biosecurity is vital for the health, well being and prosperity of everyone in NSW. The NSW Biosecurity strategy sets the overall direction for the management of animal and plant pests, diseases and ....

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