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Achieving to some outranking relationships between post mining land uses through mined land suitability analysis

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Soltanmohammadi, H; Osanloo, M; Rezaei, B; Bazzazi, A Aghajani
  • Journal Name: International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology : (IJEST)
  • Journal Number: Vol.5, No.4
  • Publisher: International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  • Published Location: Tehran, Iran

Adoption of most suitable post mining land use is a problem with multi-dimensional nature. There are so many factors in this problem which seriously influence on the decision judgments. Therefore, in this study a fifty-attribute framework for mined land suitability analysis including fifty numbers of economical, social, technical and mine site factors developed to be a foundation for this decision making problem. Analysis by an outranking multi-attribute decision-making technique, called elimination et choix traduisant la realite method, was taken into consideration because of its clear advantages on the field of mined land suitability analysis as compared with multi-attribute decision-making ranking techniques. Analytical hierarchy process method applied to calculate global weights of the attributes through pair wise comparison matrixes. The weights then passed to the elimination et choix traduisant la realit method so that the most efficient post mining land uses could be appointed through comparisons of pair-wise dominance relationships between alternatives. This approach applied to an illustrative example where, final results showed that, there were two non-dominated land-uses for the considered example; industrial and pasture. However by increasing indifference threshold limit, the non-dominated set reduced to a single alternative that was pasture land-use.

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