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Youth development programs in central Australian aboriginal communities: A review of the literature

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Jess Lopes, Anna Flouris, Melissa A Lindeman
  • Journal Name: Youth Studies Australia
  • Journal Number: Vol. 32 No. 1
  • Publisher: Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies
  • Published Location: Hobart, Tas.
  • ISBN: 1038-2569
  • Country: Australia

In Central Australia, youth programs have addressed volatile substance misuse and, more recently, issues associated with crime rates, health and emotional wellbeing, cultural renewal, educational outcomes and 'socialising'. This paper outlines the current context of Aboriginal youth development programs in the Central Australian region and reviews the relevant local and national literature to identify the key elements of successful youth programs. The authors suggest there is a paucity of research that explores the effectiveness of youth development programs for Aboriginal peoples in Central Australia, especially in remote contexts. Much of the knowledge from successful work is dispersed and often unpublished.

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