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  • Year: 2011
  • Author: National Economics
  • Journal Name: State of the Regions
  • Journal Number: 12
  • Publisher: Australian Local Government Association
  • Country: Australia

The 2011-12 State of the Regions report critically examines the regional effects of the mining boom which took off in 2005. The report produces a balanced analysis of both the benefits and costs associated with the mining boom and the effect the mining boom is having on other industries, as well as the potential regional implications when the boom finishes. Lessons from Norway are included as a best practice international case study.

This year's report includes discussions on trends in population growth and productivity. Additional commentary is made on the state of dwelling construction and household indebtedness, and what this may mean for housing affordability.

The report also provides additional commentary on climate change and its implications and impacts on Australia's economic prospects, and concludes with its fourth review of the state of Australia's telecommunications - broadband infrastructure.

The regions have been revised to better reflect the Regional Development Australia regions, which has subsequently seen the number of SoR regions increasing to 67 from last year's 65.

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