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Beyond bandaids: exploring the underlying social determinants of Aboriginal health: papers from the Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health Workshop, Adelaide, July 2004

  • Year: 2004
  • Editors: Anderson, Ian; Baum Fran; Bentley, Michael
  • Publisher: Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health
  • Published Location: Casuarina, NT
  • ISBN: 9780734037442
  • Country: Australia

Contributors to this Workshop presented a perspective on how a range of social and economic factors, including culture, law, education, employment, models of governance, and social and community interactions, affect the health of Indigenous Australians. They also suggests fruitful directions for further inquiry into how these factors can be made more health promoting. The chapters are: ' If you don't have health, what's the use of living?' : Koori voices from the Goulburn-Murray Rivers region on health and its determinants, by Michael Tynan, Petah Atkinson, Lisa Bourke and Vicki Atkinson; Indigenous insights into oral history, social determinants and decolonisation, by Joan Vickery, Shannon Faulkhead, Karen Adams and Angela Clarke; Education as a determinant of Indigenous health, by Stephanie Bell, Bob Boughton and Ben Bartlett; You can't have one without the other: transactions between education and wellbeing for Indigenous peoples, by Helen Askell-Williams, Michael Coughlan, Michael J Lawson, Felicity Lewis, Rosalind Murray-Harvey, Kim O' Donnell, Judith Peppard, Phillip Slee and Simone Ulalka Tur; Aboriginality, poverty and health: exploring the connections, by Maggie Walter; Labour force participation as a determinant of Indigenous health, by Diannah Lowry and Megan Moskos; Framework for research on Aboriginal health and the physical environment, by Kayli Wayte, Ross Bailie, Natalie Gray and Graham Henderson; Social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the broader context of the social determinants of health, by Graham Henderson, Carrie Robson, Leonie Cox, Craig Dukes, Komla Tsey and Melissa Haswell; Community development and empowerment: a review of interventions to improve Aboriginal health, by Danielle Campbell, Priscilla Pyett, Leisa McCarthy, Mary Whiteside and Komla Tsey; Governance, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, as a social determinant of Aboriginal health, by Patrick Sullivan and Katharine Oliver; Social capital and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: problems and possibilities, by Mark Brough, Graham Henderson, Rosemary Foster and Heather Douglas; Law as a determinant of Indigenous health: some constitutional issues, by Chris Reynolds, Genevieve Howse and Anna Beesley; Healthy change at the microlevel: Victoria' s Koori courts, by Rosie Smith; The meaning of culture within public health practice: implications from the study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, by Chelsea Bond and Mark Brough; Culture as a determinant of Aboriginal health, by Michael Morrissey, Rogella Pe-Pua, Alex Brown and Ahmed Latif; Culture in health research and practice, by Heather McDonald.

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