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  • Year: 2011
  • Publisher: Eidos Institute
  • Country: Australia

The issue of regional development is continuing to retain its position as a dominant feature of the current Australian political agenda. Economic, environmental and social challenges continue to present a diverse range of challenges which are in dire need of a coordinated approach from regional universities, industry and government within the current socio-economic climate.

Achieving regional productivity and development through innovation requires both a sound understanding of the key resources of the region and a willingness to look outside of traditional workforce and development opportunities and recognize the need for engagement with non-traditional industries such as the ICT, clean technology and health technology industries.

This Conference, as part of Eidos Institute's National Conference Series aims to explore social and economic regional development through the lens of industry, government initiatives and evidence-based research. It will examine the ways in which those involved in aspects of regional development are able to harness capacity through innovation, the role in which regional universities have and will continue to play in future sustainable development and take account of the current political context within which these developments will occur.

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