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Innovation Science and Technology

Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Pannell, D.J.; Marshall, G.R.; Barr, N.; Curtis, A.; Vanclay, F.; Wilkinson, R.
  • Journal Name: Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture
  • Journal Number: Vol.46, No.11
  • Country: Australia

Research on the adoption of rural innovations is reviewed and interpreted through a cross-disciplinary lens to provide practical guidance for research, extension and policy relating to conservation practices. Adoption of innovations by landholders is presented as a dynamic learning process. Adoption depends on a range of personal, social, cultura ....

Understanding dynamic linkages and technology spillover from Korea's Masan Free Export Zone,

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: O'Flaherty, David Desmond
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Published Location: Canada
  • ISBN: 9780494464922
  • Country: South Korea

Drawing upon the wealth of literature previously written about the Masan Free Export Zone (MAFEZ), this thesis will disentangle the conflicting information and hypotheses about the some of the zone's 'welfare benefits.' That is, the thesis will examine production linkages and technology spillover from the export processing zone (EPZ) it ....

Using enabling technologies to meet demands for food security and sustainability

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Peter Stoutjesdijk and Jose ten Have
  • Publisher: Department of Agriculture ABARES
  • Country: Australia

This report examines how biotechnology, nanotechnology and information and communications technology could be used to increase crop production and its sustainability in Australia. The report was commissioned by the Department of Agriculture under the Commonwealth Government's National Enabling Technologies Strategy. The report finds that ....

Using the Internet to Enhance Small to Medium Sized Food Businesses

  • Year: 2010
  • Author: Suku Bhaskaran
  • Publisher: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • Published Location: Barton, ACT
  • ISBN: 1741519802
  • Country: Australia

Small-to-medium sized food enterprises make significant contributions to the Australian economy through developing innovative products and new markets. They also generate opportunities for rural producers from whom these enterprises source raw materials and other inputs. However, small-to-medium sized food enterprises experience significant chall ....

Valuing Broadband Benefits: A selective report on issues and options

  • Year: 2011
  • Author: Hayes, Richard
  • Publisher: Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne
  • Published Location: Melbourne, Vic
  • Country: Australia

This report looks at some of the methodological considerations in valuing the benefits of broadband. It has a particular focus on these considerations in the context of the planned National Broadband Network (NBN) project and in the context of any social cost benefit analysis of the NBN or other broadband project. While the underly ....

Videoconferencing could reduce the number of mental health patients transferred from outlying facilities to a regional mental health unit

  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Buckley, David; Weisser, Susan
  • Journal Name: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health
  • Journal Number: 36.5
  • Publisher: Public Health Association of Australia
  • Published Location: Australia
  • ISBN: 13260200
  • Country: Australia

To determine if the addition of a video link to the existing phone connection, enabling patients admitted for mental and behavioural disorders to be seen by a centrally located psychiatrist or mental health clinician, would change the probability of these patients being transferred to the central mental health unit. The ability for the psychiatr ....

Visibility in rural Australia: the way forward for consumers and carers

  • Year: 2003
  • Author: Groom, Grace
  • Journal Name: 7th National Rural Health Conference
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance
  • Published Location: Deakin West, ACT
  • Country: Australia

A large proportion of people with a mental health disorder do not access health services, which suggests a large unmet need for mental health services, the author argues. She discusses the establishment of the Mental Health Council of Australia, its principles of consumer and carer participation, the National Community Development ....

We can like research-- in Koori hands: a community report on Onemda Vichealth Koori Health Unit's research workshops in 2007

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Russ, Peter
  • Publisher: Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit, University of Melbourne
  • Published Location: Parkville, Vic
  • ISBN: 9780734039828
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

Onemda ran four Koori community workshops at Victorian regional centres in 2007: Echuca, Melbourne, Geelong and Bairnsdale. This report provides the background to the workshops and their goals, and documents the participants' views on Koori health research and barriers to Koori community-controlled research. It also includes six wo ....

Wheatbelt Regional Plan 2013-2018

  • Year: 2013
  • Publisher: RDA Wheatbelt
  • Published Location: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Western Australia

The Wheatbelt Regional Plan is a five year strategic outlook for the Wheatbelt region that aims to inform decision makers about appropriate policy for the area and provide a focus for investment. The plan has been developed through extensive consultation as well as desk top research to ensure that the actions and strategies identified are based ....

Wimmera Southern Mallee ICT Study

  • Year: 2011
  • Author: Thompson, Helen; Fong, George; Corbett, Jennifer; Fong, Barbara
  • Publisher: Centre for eCommerce and Communications (CeCC), Lateral Plains (LP)
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

Local governments in the Wimmera Southern Mallee together with the Grampians Regional Development Australia (RDA) Committee are working to build on past successes and position the region for a rapid uptake of next generation telecommunications and broadband, infrastructure and services. The potential for Information and Communicat ....

Winning ways: online regional communities that click

  • Year: 2005
  • Author: Knox, Ian
  • Journal Name: 2nd National Conference on the Future of Australia's Country Towns
  • Publisher: Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, La Trobe University
  • Published Location: Bendigo, Vic
  • ISBN: 1920948848
  • Country: Australia

In recent years, significant resources have been allocated to support the establishment of online communities, websites and regional web portals, which can foster community activities, interests and events in rural and regional communities. However, most initiatives fail to develop sufficient revenue streams or systems that can sup ....

Wireless Communication Technology to Support Rural Primary Health Care Management In South Africa

  • Year: 2007
  • Author: Dikweni, Lulama; Hanmer, Lynn A; Ghiassi-Razavi, Jalal; Minnaar, Jean Jacques
  • Journal Name: Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics; Building Sustainable Health Systems
  • Publisher: IOS Press
  • Published Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ISBN: 9781586037741
  • Country: South Africa

The aim of this study is to investigate the potential of wireless communication technology to improve in rural primary health care services. A cell-phone-based patient tracking system for use by home-based carers and a basic electronic clinic patient record system are being implemented in two sites. Summary data from the clinic pat ....

Wood Pellet Stoves for Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • Year: 2013
  • Author: Carr, D.; Reeve I.; Andrews, S.; Robinson, D.
  • Publisher: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • ISBN: 978-1-74254-408-3
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

This research was carried out in the Northern Tablelands of NSW to determine whether pellet heaters could provide an alternative form of domestic space heating without the environmental and health costs of current space heating options. The research looked at barriers to adoption of pellet heaters and opportunities to increase their uptake. Thi ....

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