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Feeling blue? The importance of a confidant for the wellbeing of older rural married Australian and American men

  • Year: 2005
  • Author: Miller, Evonne; Buys, Laurie; Barnett, Karen
  • Journal Name: Exploring the meaning of ageing through practice, policy and research: Australian Association of Gerontology 38th National Conference
  • ISBN: 0975831003
  • Country: Australia, United States

The experience of depression for older rural men is particularly difficult, due to societal messages promoting a view of hegemonic masculinity. This study investigated the prevalence and predictors of mild depression among older married men living in rural areas of Australia and the United States. The study investigated how demographic factors, health, pain, functional limitations and social networks differed according to nationality. It indicated that mild depression was predicted by functional limitations and not having someone to trust and confide in. The isolation of rural life, combined with men's resistance to sharing their feelings, may impede the formation of close friendships among men. The study highlights the importance of friendships for male well being in rural Australia and America.

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