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Australia's Regions and their Potential for Economic and Population Growth

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Beer, Andrew; Clower, Terry; Kearins, Bridget
  • Journal Name: Farm Policy Journal
  • Journal Number: Vol.3, No.3
  • Publisher: Australian Farm Institute
  • Country: Australia

This paper considers the economic processes shaping the future of settlement in Australia and argues that complex forces are at work, and that towns and regions that can identify and develop new industries have considerable potential for growth. The paper begins by discussing the evidence relating to urban growth also amongst Australia's regional ....

Australian water resources 2005: a baseline assessment of water resources > for the National Water Initiative: Level 1 assessment

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: WRON Alliance
  • Publisher: Australian National Water Commission
  • ISBN: 192110726X
  • Country: Australia

Australian Water Resources 2005 is the National Water Commission's baseline assessment of Australia's water resources in 2004-05, the first year of the National Water Initiative. This assessment synthesises information at the national scale to increase the understanding of Australia's water resources, and identify knowledge gaps th ....

Beyond Education and Employment: Exploring Youth Experiences of Their Communities, Place Attachment and Reasons for Migration

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Eacott, Chelsea; Sonn, Christopher C
  • Journal Name: Rural Society
  • Journal Number: Vol. 16, No. 2
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

The population in rural areas of Australia has been declining for many decades and it has become common practice to blame this decline on the migration of young people due to structural limitations (e.g. education and employment). This study explores factors associated with migration of youth from rural Victoria looking at their ex ....

Boardroom Revelations - Board Members Making Meaning of Regional Development Governance

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Conway, Mary-Louise
  • Journal Name: Sustaining Regions
  • Journal Number: Vol. 5, No. 3
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales, Western Australia

This paper brings to the surface a number of issues about the experience of being a board member of a RDA in NSW and WA. It seems that board members are drawn to this involvement as an act of goodwill and in the effort to make positive contributions to their communities. Involvement is often a reflection of their own personal and w ....

Building Community Self Sufficiency for Fire Safety

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Watson, Kellie
  • Journal Name: Australian Journal of Emergency Management, The
  • Journal Number: Vol. 21, No. 1
  • Country: New Zealand

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre's (CRC) Community Self Sufficiency for Fire Safety Sufficiency for Fire Safety program focuses on how the rural and urban interface communities across Australia and New Zealand prepare for bushfires and also the role of the communities and individuals in reducing bushfire risk. A dialogue wi ....

Building learning communities: partnerships, social capital and VET performance

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Allison, Janelle; Gorringe, Scott; Lacey, Justine
  • Publisher: National Centre for Vocational Education Research
  • Published Location: Adelaide, SA
  • ISBN: 1921170069
  • Country: Australia

This evaluation report examines the impact of vocational education and training (VET), and its projectbased activities and partnerships, on the development of sustainable communities in regional Australia. Case studies were undertaken of 12 regions and two sets of performance indicators used. The study found that VET plays a critic ....

Bureaucratic Ego and Aboriginal Unemployment

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Cutcliffe, Tony
  • Journal Name: Institute of Public Affairs Review: A Quarterly Review of Politics and Public Affairs, The
  • Journal Number: Vol. 58, No. 2
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

This article argues that the failure of policy from all shades and levels of government is obvious in relation to Aboriginal unemployment. It is manifest in the Federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) regarding Aboriginal employment initiatives. The example is provided of the Department's handling of Aborigi ....

Change and Continuity in Peri-urban Australia, State of the Peri-urban Regions : A Review of the Literature

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Buxton, Michael; Bekessy, Sarah; Budge, Trevor Murray; Tieman, George; Coote, Matthew
  • Publisher: RMIT University
  • Published Location: Melbourne, Vic
  • ISBN: 1921166460
  • Country: Australia

This study, Change and Continuity in Peri-urban Australia, aims to help redress the relative lack of attention given to peri-urban regions in Australia and to contribute to a growing international literature on these areas. The project will produce four monographs. This first takes the form of a review of peri-urban literature ....

Change through tourism: Resident perceptions of tourism development

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Doh, Minsun
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: Texas A&M University
  • Published Location: United States -- Texas
  • ISBN: 9780549415374
  • Country: United States
  • State/Region: Texas

Many view tourism as a tool for community development. Especially in the rural areas experiencing economic hardships, tourism often is considered an instrument for revitalization of a local economy helping to improve quality of life and protect natural and cultural resources. However, many researchers have raised concerns about an over ....

Coastal management in Australia: Key institutional and governance issues for coastal natural resource management and planning

  • Year: 2006
  • Editors: Neil Lazarow; Regina Souter; Rob Fearon; Stephen Dovers
  • Publisher: CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management
  • Published Location: Indooroopilly, Qld
  • ISBN: 1921017740
  • Country: Australia

This monograph is intended to provide a synthesis of the key challenges and issues forcoastal planning and management in Australia. It is a joint publication between theCooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management(the Coastal CRC), the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at theAustralian National Univers ....

Considering the right to have a house on rural allotments

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Anstey, Geoff
  • Journal Name: Australian Planner
  • Journal Number: Vol.43, No.2
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Queensland

In parts of Australia and the United States, the almost universal right to have a house on rural allotments has resulted in rural living settlement in areas zoned for agriculture. Such 'unplanned' rural living has a range of potential adverse impacts, including loss of agricultural production and land use conflicts. In Queensland in particular, ....

Desert tourism scoping study

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Tremblay, Pascal
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Published Location: Alice Springs, NT
  • ISBN: 1741580218
  • Country: Australia

Study of whether 'desert tourism' is a topic worthy of research, and is it a component of 'desert knowledge'; Indigenous tourism is seen as an important component of 'desert tourism' and a high research priority is to develop an agenda for researching issues surrounding Indigenous tourism. Report Locationhttp://www.desertknowledgecrc. ....

Does Rural Land Use Planning and Zoning Enhance Local Economic Development?

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Wilkins, Joy; Riall, B William; Nelson, Arthur C
  • Journal Name: Economic Development Journal
  • Journal Number: Vol.5, No.4
  • Publisher: International Economic Development Council
  • Published Location: Washington, United States
  • Country: United States

To some, land-use planning and implementation through zoning to regulate land-uses in rural areas may appear to be anathema to rural economic development. This view would be shared by those who are concerned that any land-use regulation in weak rural economies could dissuade economic development investment. This article addresses such c ....

East Kimberley COAG trial formative evaluation: 14 September 2006 : final

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: Quantum Consulting Australia; Australia. Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination
  • Publisher: Dept. of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs]
  • Published Location: Canberra, ACT
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Western Australia

The Council of Australian Government (COAG) Trials, announced in 2002, aimed to explore new ways for governments to work together and with communities to address the needs of Indigenous Australians. Eight trials were conducted in sites across Australia - the Western Australian trial was conducted in the East  Kimberley region, an a ....

Effective Use of the Internet - Keeping professionals working in rural Australia

  • Year: 2006
  • Author: A Herrington, J Herrington
  • Publisher: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • Published Location: Barton, ACT
  • ISBN: 1741512344
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Queensland, Western Australia

This study considers the extent and nature of professional isolation in rural and remote regions of Australia (specifically Queensland and Western Australia) and examines professionals' use of the internet to support their professional development needs. It draws upon survey and interview data from 10 professions, and makes conclusions and recomm ....

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