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Sustainable Resource Communities Policy Social impact assessment in the mining and petroleum industries

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Queensland Government
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Queensland

The mining and petroleum industries are a vital part of Queensland’s economy, contributing over $16 billion to Queensland’s Gross State Product and employing over 30,000 people. This economic activity is underpinned by a titling and registration framework, which is administered by the Queensland Government, with over 6,700 tenures issued and ....

Sustainable Resource Communities Policy: Social Impact Assessment in the mining and petroleum industries

  • Year: 2008
  • Publisher: Department of Tourism Regional Development and Industry
  • Published Location: Queensland
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Queensland

The Government, in partnership with industry and local government, is committed to strengthening social impact assessment within existing Environmental Impact Statement processes. This will enable a coordinated response by the Government to mining and petroleum tenure applications, enhancing the Government’s decision making and better informing ....

Sustainable rural water delivery : balancing resource and social sustainability.

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Rochford, Francine
  • Journal Name: Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy
  • Journal Number: Vol. 12, No. 1
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Victoria

Regulation of water resources in Australia - supply of irrigation water in Victoria - management of irrigation water by the Essential Services Commission (Vic) - the conflict between addressing sustainability issues and having a market approach to the delivery of water resources has resulted in the Commission prioritising shortterm  ....

Tackling tough times: drought mental health initiative

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Greig, Julie; Crockett, Judith; Tonna, Anne
  • Journal Name: Auseinetter
  • Journal Number: 30
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

The Drought Mental Health Assistance Package (DMHAP) for New South Wales was announced by the State Government in October 2006. Its aim was to deal with prolonged stress in rural communities affected by drought through increasing capacity in individuals, service providers and communities. Awareness of mental health issues and early ....

Testing the Water: Entrepreneurs use of local markets

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Vitartas, P.
  • Journal Name: Review of International Comparative Management
  • Journal Number: 9 (2)
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales

Local markets are a source of much business activity in Australia with many regional centres relying on their local market for produce and to support their local economy and farmers. However markets provide a much greater service to local communities. For example, many markets develop a culture all of their own and become tourist attractions with ....

The Children's Wellbeing Program

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Ware, Helen
  • Journal Name: Parity
  • Journal Number: Vol. 21, No. 3
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: South Australia

The key aspects of the Children's Wellbeing Program started by Yarredi Services with support from Eyre Regional Health Services are discussed. Two case studies illustrating the work done with children are highlighted. Report Location;dn=294370347741198;res=IELHSS ....

The Competition Index 2007-08

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Publisher: Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Published Location: Hobart, Tas
  • ISBN: 9780724650804
  • Country: Australia, New Zealand,
  • State/Region: Tasmania

The Competition Index 2007–08 provides an objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking business in Tasmania relative to the other Australian jurisdictions and, where comparable data are available, New Zealand. The report is prepared using the most recent data available for 2007–08 as at 31 October 2008. This is the ....

The Howard Government and Regional Development

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Collits, Paul
  • Journal Name: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, The
  • Journal Number: Vol. 14, No. 3
  • Country: Australia

The demise of the Howard Coalition Government in Australia in late 2007 and the coming to power of a new Labor Government provides a timely opportunity to consider the fate of regional development under Howard and its prospects under the current administration. Much of the focus of debates over regional policy under Howard has been ....

The impact of land ownership inequality on rural factor markets

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Unal, Fatma Gul
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Published Location: United States -- Massachusetts
  • ISBN: 9780549915812
  • Country: Turkey

This dissertation explores the interconnection between land ownership inequality and functioning of rural factor markets in Turkey. It investigates the effectiveness and efficiency of land and labor markets in generating and distributing economic opportunities within agriculture and, thereby, in reducing rural inequality. In addition, t ....

The impact of racism on Indigenous health in Australia and Aotearoa: towards a research agenda

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Paradies, Yin; Harris, Ricci; Anderson, Ian
  • Publisher: Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health
  • Published Location: Casuarina, NT
  • ISBN: 9780734039095
  • Country: Australia, New Zealand

Indigenous Australians and Maori have higher levels of ill health and mortality than non Indigenous people. The disadvantage suffered by Indigenous peoples is associated with racism, colonisation and oppression. Although several recent national and international reports have shown a link between racism and public health, there is l ....

The land-grant mission 2.0: Distributed regional engagement

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Franklin, Nancy Elizabeth
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: University of Pennsylvania
  • Published Location: United States -- Pennsylvania
  • ISBN: 9780549592211
  • Country: United States

Dramatic shifts in the economy associated with the rise of globalism call into question the traditional ways in which land-grant institutions have defined their roles in contributing to economic and social well-being. Since the assets most needed for global economic viability - a base of innovation, talented people, and ubiquitous conne ....

The Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: CSIRO
  • Publisher: CSIRO
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria

CSIRO, through the Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, has completed a series of reports which assess the current and future water availability in the Murray-Darling Basin. CSIRO was contracted by the National Water Commission to provide the assessments, which led to the world's largest basin-scale investigation of the impact ....

The Role of Involvement and Attachment in Satisfaction with Local Government Services

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Scott, D. & Vitartas, P.
  • Journal Name: International Journal of Public Sector Management
  • Journal Number: Vol 21 (1) pp 45-57
  • Publisher: Emerald
  • Published Location:
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: NSW

The purpose of this paper is to report on the development and testing of involvement and attachment constructs, which are then used to investigate the effects of involvement and attachment on perceptions of satisfaction with services delivered to residents by a local government body. Design/methodology/approach – Data collected by means of a qu ....

The role of municipalities in stimulating economic growth: Evidence from the petroleum manufacturing industry in southern Ontario, 1860--1960

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Cobban, Timothy William
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: The University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Published Location: Canada
  • ISBN: 9780494430514
  • Country: Canada
  • State/Region: Ontario

This dissertation concerns the role of Canadian municipalities in stimulating economic growth. In particular, it focuses on the ability of municipal governments to stimulate the accelerated, sustained growth of local industry sectors through appropriate and timely public policies and actions.  The case is the petroleum manufacturi ....

The Rural Allied Health Workforce Study (RAHWS)

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Rural and Remote Health
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: All

A survey on rural allied health workers Report Location ....

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