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Evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2000-2004 : Mandurah targeted region

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Scougall, John
  • Journal Name: 9th National Rural Health Conference
  • Publisher: Collaborative Institute for Research, Consulting and Learning in Evaluation, RMIT University
  • Published Location: Melbourne, Vic
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Western Australia

The results of an evaluative case study undertaken as part of the Australian Government's Stronger Families and Communities Strategy are presented in this report. The report assesses the achievements in the implementation and effectiveness of the Strategy in addressing the local issues of social isolation, youth at risk, families w ....

Evaluation of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2000-2004 : Potential Leaders in Local Communities initiative

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Scougall, John
  • Publisher: Collaborative Institute for Research, Consulting and Learning in Evaluation, RMIT University
  • Published Location: Melbourne, Vic
  • Country: Australia

The Potential Leaders in Local Communities initiative of the Australian Government's Stronger Families and Communities Strategy focused leadership development initiatives on four largely disadvantaged social groups (youth, Indigenous communities, women, and rural and regional communities) to address various social issues. This pape ....

Exploring community well-being and sustainability at a local scale: Finding the differences of focus between local residents, local officials, and experts

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Young, Melissa A.
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • Published Location: United States -- New York
  • ISBN: 9780549513261
  • Country: United States
  • State/Region: New York

In the past decade, researchers have recognized the need for localized sustainability initiatives at the community level that include local people in the decision making process. The purpose of this study was to identify the set of criteria used by local people of the Tug Hill region of New York State to assess how they think about the ....

Exploring local economic development: The challenges of Cape Breton Island

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Gruters, Brian Benedict
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: University of Waterloo (Canada)
  • Published Location: Canada
  • ISBN: 9780494436707
  • Country: Canada
  • State/Region: Cape Bretton

Economic development in the declining Maritime Provinces has proven to be an intractable problem over the last 70 years. Efforts have ranged from capitalist industrial resource extraction to worker-owned producer co-operatives. Yet, throughout its many variations, these initiatives have done little to secure the long-term economic secur ....

Exploring the rural paradox: A spatial investigation of rurality and mortality

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Yang, Tse-Chuan
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: The Pennsylvania State University
  • Published Location: United States -- Pennsylvania
  • ISBN: 9781124324609
  • Country: United States

While life expectancy in the U.S. has lengthened over the 20th century, demographic sub-populations have not shared this improvement equally. Health disparities exist along several social dimensions such as gender, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Among them, somewhat less attention has been paid to geographic health disparitie ....

Eye Health Programs within Remote Aboriginal Communities in Australia: A Review of the Literature

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Durkin, Shane R
  • Journal Name: Australian Health Review
  • Journal Number: Vol. 32, No. 4
  • Country: Australia

Objective: To review the literature regarding the most sustainable and culturally appropriate ways in which to implement eye health care programs within remote Aboriginal communities in Australia from a primary health care perspective. Data sources: The search included letters, editorials and papers (published and unpublished) from ....

Family Farms Are Still Around: Time to Invert the Old Agrarian Question

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Brookfield, Harold
  • Journal Name: Geography Compass
  • Journal Number: Vol.2, No.1
  • Country: Australia

Family farming is far from dead, in either the developed or developing countries. Family farms need to be qualitatively defined, with both family management and substantial labour input being central elements. The 'agrarian question' has been largely about their disappearance and replacement by capitalist farms, or subsumption  ....

Federalism and local government in Australia

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: FENNA, Alan
  • Journal Name: Public Administration Today
  • Journal Number: 14
  • Country: Australia

Edited version of a speech to the IPAA National Conference, Roundtable on Federalism, Perth, 19 September 2007 - whether the decline of the states creates an opening for the rise of local or regional government - impact of centralising pressures on local government - pessimism about the 'third tier' of government in Australia. Re ....

Fiscal Policy and Mobility: The Impact of Multiple Residences on the Provision of Place-based Service Funding

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: McKenzie, Fiona; Martin, John; Paris, Chris
  • Journal Name: Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, The
  • Journal Number: Vol. 14, No. 1
  • Country: Australia

The propensity for Australians to move about more often and over greater distances as part of their employment, recreation and social life presents challenges for governments in the design and management of equitable fiscal policy to fund infrastructure, education, health and welfare and other services traditionally predicated on p ....

Fishing Case Tests Economic Waters for Traditional Owners

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Brennan, Sean; MacGillivray, Peta
  • Journal Name: Indigenous Law Bulletin
  • Journal Number: Vol. 7, No. 2
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Northern Territory

Details of the lawsuit heard in the Australian High Court in December 2007 on whether the consent of the traditional owners is essential for Northern Territory (NT) fishers to trawl the intertidal zone of coastal waters within the boundaries of Aboriginal lands are presented. It is believed that the Court's verdict will be economic ....

Forecasting Employment Demand: A Comparison of Employers Perceptions and Historical Data in Regional LGAs

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Vitartas, P. & Ford, L.
  • Journal Name: Journal of Economic and Social Policy
  • Journal Number: 12 (2)
  • ISBN:;dn=556243811994075;res=IELBUS

In managing local economies and developing plans for local government areas managers need to have an understanding of employment demand and business' plans for expansion. In this paper the results of a study are presented based on an investigation into small business owners' perceptions of employee demand and compared to previous employment level ....

Forestry, jobs and spending: forest industry employment and expenditure in Tasmania, 2005-06

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Schirmer, J
  • Published Location: Hobart, Tas
  • ISBN: 9780980495867
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Tasmania

Tasmania's forest industries are experiencing ongoing change. Factors such as changing technology, expansion of eucalypt plantations, and changed access to native forests are changing the number and types of jobs created by the industry. There is often debate about the impacts of these changes on local regions - which Tasmanian regions depend mos ....

Fostering a newly defined entrepreneurship in impoverished communities: A key component of the solution for eradicating poverty in America

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Sinha, Sachidanand
  • Journal Name: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • Publisher: University of Southern California
  • Published Location: United States -- California
  • ISBN: 9780549610168
  • Country: United States

This study takes a fresh look at why high levels of poverty persist in certain American neighborhoods despite billions of dollars having been invested over decades by the government. To overcome this problem, the author proposes a New Entrepreneurial Initiative (NEI) as a policy solution. The thesis of the NEI is that to eradicate persi ....

Future Challenges for Volunteer Based Emergency Services

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Parkin, Deb
  • Journal Name: Australian Journal of Emergency Management, The
  • Journal Number: Vol. 23, No. 2
  • Country: Australia

The issues of declining volunteer numbers are now well established. Aging population, rural population decline, climate change, the changing of family dynamics and the complex whole-oflife pressures facing individuals impact on the willingness and ability of individuals to volunteer time for community service. The challenge for the ....

Future Options for North Australia

  • Year: 2008
  • Author: Stephen Garnett; John Woinarski; Rolf Gerritsen; Gordon Duff
  • Publisher: Charles Darwin University Press
  • Published Location: Darwin, NT
  • ISBN: 9780980384659
  • Country: Australia
  • State/Region: Northern Australia

Anticipating the future is uniquely human. We strive constantly to anticipate trends and great events to seek opportunity and avoid disaster. So what will drive the future of tropical Australia? The four authors of this book, all of whom have a close association with the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Savanna Management, identify ten ma ....

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